About GoAskNewton.com

Hello, my name is Newton! Welcome to my website!

GoAskNewton.com is a place where personal finance is made understandable. I may be an exceptionally smart dog, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that too many people today are in poor financial health. To be blunt, we all have to get a lot smarter about basic money matters, or life is going to go to the dogs—and not good ones like me!

But learning the fundamentals about your finances doesn’t have to be boring! Here at GoAskNewton.com, we’re going to make it fun with simple lessons, cool facts, and interesting quizzes. Spend some time here and sign up for my Weekly Bark, and you’ll see why people call me Financial Literacy’s Best Friend!

Get to know Newton, the wise, savvy and poised mentor.

Age: Boomer
Hobby: Reading books and golfing
Favorite Drink: A glass of Pinot Noir
Favorite Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
Favorite Book: Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Favorite Actor: Marlon Brando
Favorite Music: Classical or 80’s
Favorite Exercise: A good walk in the morning
Favorite Channel: The History Channel
Who I’d like to meet: Einstein

Get to know Bradley, the wild, undereducated and rebellious protégé of Newton.

Age: Millennial
Hobby: Working out
Favorite Drink: Redbull Vodka
Favorite Movie: The Hangover
Favorite Book: Maxim Magazine
Favorite Actor: Megan Fox
Favorite Music: Hip Hop or EDM
Favorite Exercise: P90X
Favorite Channel: ESPN Red Zone
Who I’d like to meet: James Dean