April is Financial Literacy Month – #FLM2013

Other than flowers in bloom, spring brings on another sort of significance – National Financial Literacy Month. So, what is Financial Literacy Month? It all started in 2000 when the Jump$tart Coalition promoted April as Financial Literacy Month for Youth. Finally, in 2004, the US Senate passed a resolution to officially recognize April as Financial Literacy Month (#FLM2013). Today, numerous financial institutions and non-profit educational organizations support #FLM2013 by hosting events, conducting research and executing awareness campaigns.

At GoAskNewton.com, our crusade and mission is to educate Americans on all things related to personal finance so that individuals can take control of their financial future. #FLM2013 and GoAskNewton.com are a perfect fit.

“Too many consumers are living paycheck-to-paycheck and experts agree this is often due to a lack of fundamental knowledge they need to make key financial decisions in life,” said GoAskNewton.com creator, Patrick Bet-David. “GoAskNewton.com was intended to help coach both the young and old on everyday matters such as how mortgages work, credit and debt, and saving for retirement.”  

Today we are announcing our support of #FLM2013 and by doing so, we are joining forces with other bloggers, news sources and other websites to spread the Financial Literacy Movement!

Stay tuned for the growing list of #FLM2013 participants!

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  1. vic on April 3, 2013

    This is awesome. this really is.


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