Common Habits Among the Wealthy

Less junk food, more daily exercise. Sounds like a fitness routine, right?

These habits may also be the key to becoming financially healthy. The following study comes from Tom Corley, who interviewed 233 wealthy individuals and 128 poor ones during a five-year period, gathering data on more than 200 activities each group engaged in. Here are some of the habits Corley found intriguing:

Junk Food vs. Healthy Food
97% of poor people at more than 300 junk food calories each day whereas 70% of the wealthy didn’t. Eating junk food results in an increase in the number of calories you consume during each day, which affects your weight and ultimately your health.

Another aspect to consider, poorer health choices will also put a great strain on your finances due to increased medical expenses later on in life.

Exercise Regularly
70% of wealthy individuals exercise aerobically at least four days a week versus 23% for the poor.

Corley added that, “To wealthy people health is everything,” he said in our interview. “If they’re healthy, they can work. They have more energy. They work longer hours. They have fewer sick days, it increases productivity and it’s a lot driven by their desire to be successful.”

Nurturing Relationships
Successful people are often students of relationship building. They continuously seek out ways to improve their relationships. Returning phone calls, remembering birthdays and sharing milestones are all regular habits.

For example, 79% of the wealthy network five hours or more each month vs. 16% for the poor.

Never Stop Learning
88% of wealthy people read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career-related reasons versus 2% for poor people. He also found that 76% of the wealthy read two or more education-related, self-help related books each month and the poor didn’t.

Implementing a few of these positive habits is all it takes to turn your life around. Looking for some motivation? Here’s a great read by Patrick Bet-David (click here).

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