Fifteen Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and people are saying “I do” left and right—it must be wedding season!

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the wedding of their dreams due to the high costs associated with many of the necessary details. But we are here to give you fifteen easy ways to save on your wedding. These suggestions can help you stay within your budget and have a beautiful wedding right out of your dreams.


  1. Get a wedding package. Many resorts and destination areas offer great wedding packages that include food, venue, and décor. Often these hotels also have access to great photographers, videographers, cake bakers, and other vendors and can help get you good deals for keeping it all within the hotel. If you live in a city with a lot of large hotels, this may be a great option to save on a larger wedding. If you have always wanted an exotic wedding, you may have a smaller guest list, but you still could have a beautiful wedding for much less money.
  2. Consider paying in full. Often vendors will give you a discount if you pay on the spot or up front in full, so use this as a negotiation tactic.
  3. Hold your reception and ceremony at the same place. Not only will you likely get a discount from the venue, but you will also cut down on costs because your vendors will not have to travel from one place to another. It also makes the day a lot less complicated!
  4. Have a small, beautiful wedding cake for display. Order a two-tiered cake for display (which you and your bridal party can enjoy) and have sheet cake served to your guests. The sheet cake can be made with the same recipe as your display cake, so all of your guests will enjoy the same delicious treat as your bridal party.
  5. Use seasonal flowers. Choose flowers that are local and in season to save on costs rather than exotic or rare flowers
  6. Shop at outlet stores for bridesmaids and groomsmen attire. Your bridal party doesn’t have to shop at a bridal store. You can often find great dresses and suits at designer outlet stores.
  7. Compare prices. Make sure you do some research and compare the prices of different vendors so you can get the best deal. Use sources like to get realistic prices on each item or service to have a good idea of what you are in for.
  8. Set up a buffet. Use a local restaurant and set up a buffet for a more affordable dinner option.
  9. Buy a designer dress from a bridal show. You can get a beautiful designer dress for a fraction of the cost if the designer used it for a bridal show.
  10. Save on a DJ and photographer. Ask friends and friends of friends if they know anyone with these skills. More often than not, you’ll find someone willing to do it for less because of a connection or for the sake of a friendship.
  11. Plan your wedding for the “off-season.” A winter wedding can be just as beautiful as a wedding held in June. Because it isn’t peak season, many vendors are much more inexpensive.
  12. Have your full reception separate from your ceremony. Who says you have to say your vows and then immediately go party with the masses? Instead, plan an intimate wedding and small reception with family, then have a larger, inexpensive party the next day or week to include more friends and family. This second reception doesn’t have to be as fancy as the one you have on your wedding day, which means you can cut costs while still celebrating with the people you love.
  13. Have your wedding on a Sunday. Often venues are less expensive on Sunday because it is not considered a peak day. If you’re lucky, you can save up to half the usual cost.
  14. Buy your alcohol from a retail store. Using stores like BevMo and Total Wine can significantly reduce your costs on alcohol and bartenders. Be sure to check your reception venue’s policy on outside alcohol.
  15. Call in favors. Ask the hairdresser you’ve been going to for years to do your hair for your special day. Talk to your chef cousin about preparing the food. If you have an interior decorator in the family, see if you can save on décor. When you really explore your contacts, you’ll find plenty of people willing to help you save.


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