How to Break a Lease

More than 65% of the year’s moves occur between May and August. Although you may have spend months planning and preparing to move sometimes life throws a curve ball and you need to get out of that lease you just signed. Here are some helpful tips if you really need to move, again!

Review Contract for Termination
Many landlords often add an early termination clause in their lease to make it fair for the tenant. Your lease may allow you to terminate with a 60-day notice for job relocation, life change or if you need to become a caregiver of a loved one.

If your lease allows you to sublet this may be an option. Make sure you find someone that you can trust because you are still legally responsible for the property. Another exception would be to propose the idea to your landlord. They might allow the new tenant to apply, pay a security deposit, and sign their own lease.

Be Honest
Your landlord may not be pleased that you are breaking the lease, but if you are honest and give them ample notice you may be able to come to an agreement. Unfortunately, you may have to kiss your security deposit goodbye.

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