How to Get the Best Airline Seats

Compare planes and seats online. Some airlines have added seats to their planes to increase their revenue. How can you tell before you buy? Use sites like SeatGuru, SeatExpert or, which rate seats on the planes of each airline for roominess, features and drawbacks.

Join the Frequent Flyer Program
Airlines often reserve their best coach seats for their premium or elite members. If you frequently travel on the same airline sign up for their frequent-flier program and enter your number the next time you fly.

Book Early
This way you will have more selection in choosing a better seat. Yes, travel agents still exist. Travel agents often have access to a different selection of seats. Consider the amount of time you won’t have to spend searching for the best seat on the best plane.

Travel with Friends
If you’re flying with friends, score the window seat and the aisle seat. Since the middle seat is unpopular, you might find yourself with an open seat. If someone happens to arrive, ask to switch seats to sit together.

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