Newton’s Budget Worksheet

Use this budget worksheet to help keep track of where your money is going and how much discretionary income you have each month.

  • MONTHLY INCOME (if married, include spouse’s income)

  • (ex: Bonus, commissions, rental, alimony, etc)

  • (prescriptions, hairdresser, contact lenses, etc.)
  • (HOA, Clubs, etc)
  • (Gas, Electric, Water/Trash)
  • (Dining out & shows)

Newton_04_240Take control of your budget by printing your budget worksheet or saving it to your computer.

Based on your discretionary income, you should consider these tips:
plusIf you have a positive discretionary income, consider ways to invest your money to maximize your money’s growth. Take a look a my lessons on the Basics of Investing and Retirement Planning.

minusIf you have a negative discretionary income, take a look at your expenses and try to minimize your expenditures as much as possible. Check out my lesson on Savings and Budgeting to learn the basics of starting a healthy budget.

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