Top Countries With the Best Customer Service

Did you know that the United States isn’t in the top 10 of the countries with the best customer service? You heard right, the US fell short of the list behind Russia, Poland and Chile.

The results are from Zendesk’s latest report on customer service satisfaction, which measures service across 6,000 companies and 125 countries to determine the best and west countries, industries, and even time of day for customer support.

Here are the top 12 countries for customer service:

1. Canada
2. Australia
3. Russia
4. Norway
5. Denmark
6. United Kingdom
7. Israel
8. Poland
9. Chile
10. Sweden
11. United States
12. Brazil

Which industries deliver the best service?

(How about social media? In case you were wondering it ranks dead-last at number 17.)

1. Information technology
2. Government/nonprofit
3. Education
4. Real estate
5. Web hosting
6. Health
7. Manufacturing
8. Web apps
9. Software
10. Marketing
11. Travel
12. Business support

What does all this mean to you? Let’s break it down for consumers by time of day, phone interactions and consumer knowledge. Most companies are very responsive to their customer requests at the beginning of the work day. Phone calls often tend to yield better results than social media or other communication channels.

Knowing which company will give you the best customer service is a wise investment. It’s easy to choose the cheapest company however, finding a company that will value you through your entire lifestyle may be worth it.

Want to learn more? A good place to start is the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which ranks companies based on their service scores.

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